Here’s a rumour: India Eyeing Infrastructure Projects

An emerging market with a promising economic growth, Indonesia becomes the destination of foreign investors. This is mainly due to the worsening economic slowdown in the United States and Europe.

Some investors from India, for example, are currently exploring at least four infrastructure projects in various regions in Indonesia, namely two railway projects and two airport projects.

“In general, they (the investors) are interested in energy-related projects like the railways in South Sumatra and Kalimantan, then airports in Yogyakarta and West Java, which are now being assessed,” an adviser at the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Silmy Karim, told VIVAnews in Jakarta, Thursday.

The railway project in South Sumatra and Kalimantan are under construction, extending to 100 kilometers and 300 kilometers in length respectively. “India takes care of everything. It usually takes around three to five years to complete the projects,” said Silmy.

As regards the airport project, the land survey is still being carried out.

“They are paying serious attention to it. But it is not yet starting at any time soon. We have also looked into the companies, most of which have excellent portfolios,” he said.

Silmy however cannot reveal the amount of investment allocated to the projects.

Earlier, Singapore sits atop the list of foreign investment at US$771.4 billion worth of investment, followed by the Netherlands at US$634.3 million (13.3 percent); the United States, US$577.0 million (12.1 percent); Japan, US$389.8 million (8.1 percent); South Korea, US$199.1 million (4.2 percent); and other countries US$2.212 billion (46.2 percent).