The rise of the Lomography in the Digital Age

Groups of young people coming from Malang, East Java try to revive the genre of lo-fi photography using a Lomo camera and analog film media. Featuring 30 works in black and white photograph of 15 members of the community Insomnium, Klastic, and Malang Lomography, they picked up the theme of “Noire” which means black, dark, gloomy from French. Dark or gloomy themes does not mean identical with violence or mystical, but a black-and-white photographs with various objects such as human interest, landscape, and architecture. Located in the Gallery IFI (Institut Francais Indonesia), Darmokali 10 street, Surabaya, exhibition of photographs and t-shirts are made with a Lomo camera runs from 16 to 26 January 2012.

Image: Mukti Echwantono