One a cheat, twice a cheat

‘Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat likes to think someone at work hated him so much that he had to face corruption charges not once, but twice.

In 2011, five years after he was appointed ambassador to the United States, the highlight of his career, the Anti-Corruption Court in Jakarta found him guilty of unlawfully disbursing funds to Indonesia’s embassy in Singapore when he was secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sudjadnan was sentenced to 20 months in prison but got out early when his term was cut. But he only had a brief taste of unadulterated freedom: just a few weeks after leaving prison, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) named him a suspect in a different case.

“I was shocked to hear it, especially because I didn’t hear it firsthand. [Former KPK chairman] Busyro [Muqoddas] told the press about it and that’s how I found out,” Sudjadnan told the Jakarta Globe in a recent interview.

These days, the former ambassador divides his time between Jakarta and Yogyakarta, counting the days before the KPK comes to take him away again. More than anything else, he said, he feels angry.

“How could this happen to me?” he said. “After all that I’ve done for this country?”

—–> Jakarta Globe