Insision covered by Rian

Insision will be releasing a 15th anniversary double CD entitled “15 Years of Exaggerated Torment.” The cover, viewable here, was made by designer Artist “Rian” in Indonesia.

The double CD will be released through Sevared Records in the U.S on May 25th at the Maryland Deathfest. A European release is set for June 1st, 2012. The CD was produced by Insision and engineered by Anders Ericsson from Off Beat Studio. Insision commented:

“We feel proud to have stayed solid throughout these years. Right now we’re working hard to create new songs for our upcoming full length CD which hopefully will be our strongest release up to date.

“We don’t have a recording date settled but as soon as everything falls into place and feels dark’n’fast enough we will start recording. All credits to the loyal fans of Death Metal who Supported Insision through these 15 years.”