About: Korupedia is a dedicated and open encyclopedia about corruption in Indonesia. Or rather, an encyclopedia about corruption. Encyclopedia of the state money thieves and the looters of public money.
Even the thieves and looters are often proud of themselves, they appear and speak in various media. They are not ashamed to appear in radio, newspapers and television, playing with logic and law. In spite of any common sense. Consciously or not, most of the media are indeed a stage for corruption.
For this reason, it is important for us to fight together. We have created a “lasting monument” or”memorial”, in the form of an online site that lists the facts of corruption. It is accessible to anyone.

For us, our children, our grandchildren, can learn about corruption, whatever is being argued, that makes the people in this country suffer.

Founders: Heru Hendratmoko, Teten Masduki, Natalia Soebagjo, Danang Widoyoko, Deva Rachman, Catharina Widyasrini, Aboe Prajitno, Billy Khaerudin, Alex Junaidi, Metta Dharmasaputra.