“Best efforts” to review badminton competitions format

Indonesia called for Olympic organisers to review the format of the badminton competition after two of its players were disqualified for throwing a match.

Greysia Polii and her partner Meiliana Jauhari were sent home on Wednesday after trying to lose matches in the first round group phase in an attempt to manipulate the knockout draw.

“Indonesia always greatly honours the Olympic values and spirits as well as a fair game,” Indonesian Sports and Youth Minister Andi Mallarangeng said in a statement posted on the Indonesian Badminton Association website.

“We respect the Badminton World Federation’s decision but we want the BWF to review the competition system they used,” he added.

The BWF also disqualified two South Korean pairs and one Chinese pair for the offence of “not using one’s best efforts to win a match”.

Polii maintained on Thursday that she did not try to lose.

“To me as a player, of course this decision made us down and feel unfair, but nevertheless we fought a good fight. We finished our race,” the 24-year old, who will celebrate her birthday next week, tweeted.

“No matter what happened. We’ve done everything we could, we never wanted to be a loser. We want a victory from every game we play on,” she said.

“We deeply feel sorry to every each of you. I know this is so hard for me and my partner. We have to have a big heart!”