Indonesia upbeat: The Upstairs

The Upstairs are a nu wave band from Jakarta.

The Upstairs were formed on October 5, 2001 in Jakarta by Jimi Multhazam (vocalist) and Kubil Idris (guitarist). The band musical influence included A Flock of Seagulls, Devo, Depeche Mode and Joy Division.  Later, the drummer Beni Adhiantoro joined The Upstairs. All of them are students of the Jakarta Arts Institute.

In 2002 The Upstairs released their first EP titled “Antahberantah” which sold 300 copies in a short time. The Upstairs also held shows in Jakarta, Bandung and Jogjakarta.

The Upstairs released their first album –Matraman- under the indie label Rekord Circus on February 2004.

A month later The band filmed the music video for their first single  “Apakah Aku Berada Di Mars atau Mereka Mengundang Orang Mars”. The Upstairs also frequently appeared in magazines in the country such as MTV Trax , GIRL , Hi , CosmoGirl , etc.


Antahberantah (DIY / January 2002)


Matraman (Sirkus Rekord / Feb 2004)

Energy (Warner Music Indonesia / Maret 2006)

Magnet! Magnet! /2009.