It will become possible to fail a driver’s licence test in Bogor (without being able to buy one from a police station)

 The National Police’s Traffic Corps will tighten its issuance of driver’s licenses as part of efforts to curb traffic accidents, a police officer said on Monday.

Insp. Gen. Pudji Hartanto, who heads the Traffic Corps, said the stricter approach to driving permit issuances would also send a message to the public that a driver’s license was not simply an identity card.

“So far, there has been an understanding that a driver’s license is a mere identity card,” Pudji said during a meeting here. “The license should be obtained through a process of understanding traffic, and its holder should not violate traffic laws and regulations.”

Pudji reminded all traffic units at police stations in districts and municipalities across the country not to issue driver’s licenses too easily, reserving them for those who truly qualify for the privilege of driving.

“Those who fail driving license tests should take it again until they pass,” he said.

Pudji also urged the public to refrain from seeking out shortcuts or easier ways to obtain driver’s licenses, including through intermediaries and police personnel working outside of authorized procedures.

“I am also calling on police personnel: They should not offer various ways to get licenses to those who fail the test. Police personnel should have high morals.”

Jakarta Globe