Bloombeg Television Indonesia to Launch in 2013

Bloomberg Television on Monday announced the formation of a partnership in Indonesia with the Idea Group, a Jakarta-based media and strategic communication holding company, to launch Bloomberg Television Indonesia in early 2013.

Presented in Bahasa Indonesia, Bloomberg Television Indonesia will bring Bloomberg news, alongside locally-produced content, to southeast Asia’s largest economy.

Bloomberg TV Indonesia will partner with existing broadcast entities and air on Free to Air, Pay TV, internet and mobile platforms.

“Indonesia is not just one of the largest consumer markets in Asia, it also has one of the fastest growing economies and rising investor classes,”  Gary Groenheim, Commercial Director of Bloomberg Television, Asia-Pacific, said in a statement sent to the Jakarta Globe.

“We have long identified Indonesia as a strategic emerging market to take Bloomberg Television’s global experience and translating that into a meaningful local TV proposition. With the Idea Group, we have found a partner with the vision and passion to take business news from its traditionally narrow and specialist confines to a broader, mainstream audience,” he added.

Ziva Narendra Arifin, CEO of Idea Group Indonesia, said the partnership will involve transfer of skills, experience and journalism ethics, and added that it will certainly benefit the local market.

“This partnership is based on a shared mission of providing locally relevant, influential business content that will enhance the lives of Indonesia’s rapidly growing consumer class, which has limited access to business management education,” Ziva said.

Ziva added that as a business content provider, the Idea Group Indonesia has a long-term interest in educating the local population about important business and economic news, and bringing local content to the rest of the world.