Telkom IndiSchool

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Telkom says it will install 100,000 WiFi hot spots at select schools across the country this year.

Telkom said each school would be equipped with three or four hot spots, with installation costing around 1,500 USD  (15,000,000 IDR) per school for 1 Mbps access to the Internet, the Jakarta Globe reported.

Telkom will offer credits to the schools under its IndiSchool program, Muhammad Awaluddin, the company’s director for enterprise and sales, said.

IndiSchool is intended to “evenly” connect schools with the Internet in both urban and rural areas and support lesson plans with access to educational content, he said.

“We won’t focus on obtaining profits from this program,” he said. “Telkom will first focus on procuring the infrastructure.

“We’re joining forces with Microsoft, Intel and IBM to develop educational contents [and] we’re planning to launch the program in the second semester of 2013 at the latest.”

No additional information was given regarding the choice of web filtering…