Made in Indonesia

The trade minister has said the government would oblige modern retailers to market 80 percent domestically produced goods in line with a 2013 Trade Ministry decree.

“This breakdown is important to provide access and space for high quality domestic products,” Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi said at the opening of an event to promote the decree in Jakarta on Wednesday as quoted by

The obligation to market 80 percent domestic products is expected to become effective on June 12, 2016.

Lutfi said that the ministerial decree could increase the interests of every party, including merchants and distributors.

The Indonesian Modern Market Supplier Association (AP3MI) and Indonesian Retailer Businessmen Association (APRINDO) hosted the event to promote the ministerial decree at Balai Sudirman, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

The promotion was part of collaboration between the government and business to convey the new regulation so as to help plan and develop traditional markets, shopping centers and modern shops. (nfo)

Way to go…