BBC Indonesia launches #TrenSosial project

BBC Indonesia has launched #TrenSosial (Social Trend) project, which will involve the Indonesian audience in an exciting new approach to digital journalism.

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is the city that tweets the most in the world, and the country which ranks Facebook’s fourth largest market is referred to as Asia’s social-media capital and one of the most ‘social’ countries in the world. Around 70 percent of mobile social-media users in Indonesia are under 25. They spend more time on social media than watching TV, reading news websites, listening to the radio or reading a newspaper.*

The BBC Indonesia #TrenSosial teams in London and Jakarta engage with audiences via social channels to identify topics that matter to them, bring in experts to talk about the issues and create more stories for the BBC Indonesia website, The project will bring at least one social media-sourced story a day to the site, to be shared across other BBC Asian outputs.

BBC Indonesia Editor, Karishma Vaswani, sees #TrenSosial as a way to reach young social audiences who like to talk about news: “With our new social-media product, #TrenSosial, we will engage with more young Indonesians, attracting them to our news content. #TrenSosial will energise both the BBC Indonesia content and our interaction with the Indonesian users. Users of social media, who are looking for accurate, engaging and informative news reportage online, will love #TrenSosial.”

David Cuen, Social Media Editor at BBC World Service, adds: “Social media is no longer a distribution channel or a marketing window. It’s a space for engagement and it’s a source of original journalism. Young people consume news and engage with news on social media, through mobile devices. If that’s where they are, that’s where we as a news broadcaster need to be. There’s a huge scope to do original journalism through social media. With #TrenSosial we will be able to use social media to source original Indonesian stories – and do that based on the same distinctive values of impartiality and accuracy that the BBC is known for.”

With #TrenSosial, BBC Indonesia adds to the BBC World Service languages output that builds around social audiences, adapted to regional media consumption habits: the BBC Turkce Sosyal Meydan, the BBC Brasil #SalaSocial, and BBC Thai – a social-only service delivered as a news stream on social media. BBC Trending (#BBCtrending; @BBCtrending) on BBC World Service explains the stories the world is sharing on social media – in a weekly radio programme and a regular blog.

BBC Indonesia is part of BBC World Service.