Supporting Children in Indonesia

Child Support Foundation Indonesia is a non-profit organisation which founders are active in Indonesia for 25 years.  The core business is financial adoption of schoolchildren. Thanks to the contributions of hundreds of adoptive parents, schools and businesses, the Foundation enabled more than 5,000 children to go to school and have education.Besides financial adoption of schoolchildren Child Support Foundation supports numerous projects on the island of Batam, and in cities like  Bandung, Yogyakarta and Padang.

It started 25 years ago when the Dutch family Van den Berg organised ​​settlements and aid for sea nomads in Indonesia. It led up to the construction of a hospital, a senior citizen centre, a dialysis clinic and a shelter for street children. Also a blood bank was realised in Batam.  Each year 850 adopted children are helped with schooling. The Foundation also restored entire villages and schools after the tsunami in Aceh and the earthquake in Yogyakarta and Padang. Another project was the scientific research in the fight against hepatitis B and HIV / AIDS and intensive support of children in prisons among the completed projects.