More Questions about Human Rights

The United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHR Committee) has demanded that the Indonesian government fulfill its promise of submitting a long-overdue report on the state of the country’s human rights.

Indonesia should have submitted the report before a July 2014 deadline.

UNHR Committee member and special rapporteur for Indonesia, Cornelis Flinterman, said on Friday that Indonesia must submit the report as a follow-up to a UN review session in Geneva in July 2013.

During the review session, members of the UNHR Committee questioned Indonesia’s commitment to resolving human rights abuses, protecting religious minorities and curbing the use of excessive force, after which the UNHR Committee issued a list of recommendations for the government to act upon.

“We adopted 26 concerns and identify four which require immediate attention from the government. Then the government was required to submit a follow-up report [on the four recommendations] by July 2014. Regrettably, the committee has not received any report,” Flinterman told a press conference in Kuningan, South Jakarta, on Friday.

As the Indonesian government had not made any follow-up report on the recommendations, two UNHR Committee members flew to Jakarta earlier this week to talk with members of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s administration.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the UNHR Committee, facilitated by Human Rights Watch Group (HRWG) and the Center for Civil and Political Rights (CCPR), met officials from some government institutions, including the Law and Human Rights Ministry, the Religious Affairs Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and the Home Ministry.

“The experience that we had is that the issues are being discussed in a serious manner and we hope the response from the government will come soon,” Flinterman said.

During the meeting, the Foreign Ministry revealed that the government was caught up in other human rights issues in 2014, which also happened to be an election year, he said.


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