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Bali Baba

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group is keen to expand beyond its home market, and now it has set its sights on Indonesia. The company announced today that AliExpress, one of its e-commerce sites,… Continue reading

Kingston, Aceh

Aceh might be famous for its brutal application of Islamic sharia law, but it’s also where a certain intoxicating weed has been getting people high for generations. Marijuana sales once helped fund the 30-year… Continue reading

Indonesia scraps land tax

Indonesia has scrapped a land tax that companies pay while exploring for oil and gas, a move that might encourage exploration at a time of concern that it could fall sharply due to… Continue reading

Indonesia lures new factories

Indonesia will attract more new factories than any other Southeast Asian nation over the next few years, a survey of 75 manufacturers showed, bolstering President Joko Widodo’s drive to revitalise the economy. Manufacturers… Continue reading

BBC Indonesia launches #TrenSosial project

BBC Indonesia has launched #TrenSosial (Social Trend) project, which will involve the Indonesian audience in an exciting new approach to digital journalism. Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is the city that tweets the most in… Continue reading

More tax in the nicotine

The Indonesian government is due on January 1 to increase tobacco excise from 56 percent to 65 percent as part of moves to discourage smoking, according to a story in The Jakarta Post.… Continue reading

No Tax, no Trip

Indonesia has banned from foreign travel senior representatives of 147 firms and 21 individuals with outstanding tax bills amounting to $42.8 million as part of a crackdown on tax evasion, the finance ministry… Continue reading

Indonesia, Singapore agree to step up sharing of tax information

Indonesia and Singapore have agreed to step up efforts to share tax-related information to tighten loopholes on tax evasion in each other’s countries, Indonesia’s finance ministry said. The commitment came after Indonesia’ Finance… Continue reading

Indonesia central bank says the rupiah’s fall against the dollar is ’temporary’

Indonesia’s central bank said on Monday that the rupiah’s depreciation against the dollar is “temporary”, stemming from investors repositioning money ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on Dec. 16-17. “This… Continue reading

China, Indonesia agree on maritime, infrastructure co-op

China and Indonesia will enhance cooperation particularly in areas of maritime development and infrastructure, the two countries’ presidents agreed on Sunday. President Joko Widodo’s proposal to build Indonesia a maritime power and Chinese… Continue reading

China welcomes Indonesia to join AIIB

China applauded on Wednesday Indonesia’s announcement to join the AsianInfrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). “China welcomes Indonesia’s formal decision to join the AIIB as a founding member at anearly date,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry… Continue reading

Indonesia to sell oxygen

Indonesia’s coordinating minister for maritime affairs announced a plan Saturday to “sell” excess oxygen the country produces for export overseas. Responding to a question on the future of mangrove forests on the south… Continue reading