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And the World’s largest Muslim country will be….

A report predicting India would surpass Indonesia in having the world’s largest Muslim population by 2050 was seen as confirming a “demographic shift” in the country, observers said Friday. “India will retain a… Continue reading

When Papua’s misery does not match Java’s living standards

Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources has lectured the mining giant PT Freeport Indonesian on how it should view the remote province of Papua. The company has been under pressure to build… Continue reading

Plus $112 billion

Indonesia posted a balance of payments surplus of $6.5 billion during July to September, bigger than the $4.3 billion surplus it had in April-June, the central bank said on Friday. There was a… Continue reading

China, Indonesia agree on maritime, infrastructure co-op

China and Indonesia will enhance cooperation particularly in areas of maritime development and infrastructure, the two countries’ presidents agreed on Sunday. President Joko Widodo’s proposal to build Indonesia a maritime power and Chinese… Continue reading

Volcano Power

This August, in a bid to bolster its latent geothermal energy industry, Indonesia passed new laws that allow geothermal exploration in protected areas such as forests. Located in the Ring of Fire—a string… Continue reading

Why conflict over land is inevitable in Philippines, Indonesia

Conflict over land is inevitable in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Peru where indigenous people and local communities live on tens of thousands of mining, oil and gas, logging and farming… Continue reading

Branchless banking to transform Indonesia

Indonesian regulators are setting up guidelines for branchless and mobile banking, which will help expand the country’s retail banking sector and improve the lives of millions. The World Bank’s 2012 Financial Inclusion Data… Continue reading

Indonesia’s economy grew 5.0-5.1pc yr/yr in Q3

Indonesia’s economy grew between 5.0-5.1 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier, and the September trade balance was expected to show a small deficit, the country’s new finance minister said on… Continue reading

“special attention to West Papua”

Joko Widodo, who on Monday will be inaugurated as Indonesia’s second directly elected president, will quickly move to salve the festering grievances of West Papua. Mr Joko, known as Jokowi, said his pragmatic… Continue reading

Indonesia passes law to tap volcano power

The Indonesian parliament on Tuesday passed a long-awaited law to bolster the geothermal energy industry and tap the power of the vast archipelago’s scores of volcanoes. Made up of thousands of islands stretching… Continue reading

INDOWATER 2015 in Jakarta

The 11th Indonesia’s No.1 Water, Wastewater and Recycling Technology Event The world of water and wastewater management will converge in Jakarta for the 11th INDOWATER 2015, the biggest Expo & Forum for the… Continue reading

Foreign workers in Indonesia decline

The number of foreign workers in the country has been declining in the last three years mostly because of economic slowdown that affects investment values. The government’s new regulation on employment of foreign… Continue reading