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When Papua’s misery does not match Java’s living standards

Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources has lectured the mining giant PT Freeport Indonesian on how it should view the remote province of Papua. The company has been under pressure to build… Continue reading

Overwhelming evidence of APRIL’s forest destruction in Indonesia

The case against Indonesia’s largest forest destroyer, APRIL, grows stronger by the day. Indonesian NGOs have found even more evidence that the company and its suppliers are trashing rainforests and are about to… Continue reading

Indonesia To Plant More Trees

Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry plans to increase tree planting activities to support land rehabilitation and preserve the ecosystem, Indonesia’s Antara news agency reported. “We will continue the tree planting programme from… Continue reading

Volcano Power

This August, in a bid to bolster its latent geothermal energy industry, Indonesia passed new laws that allow geothermal exploration in protected areas such as forests. Located in the Ring of Fire—a string… Continue reading

Indonesia to sell oxygen

Indonesia’s coordinating minister for maritime affairs announced a plan Saturday to “sell” excess oxygen the country produces for export overseas. Responding to a question on the future of mangrove forests on the south… Continue reading

Why conflict over land is inevitable in Philippines, Indonesia

Conflict over land is inevitable in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Peru where indigenous people and local communities live on tens of thousands of mining, oil and gas, logging and farming… Continue reading

Indonesia passes law to tap volcano power

The Indonesian parliament on Tuesday passed a long-awaited law to bolster the geothermal energy industry and tap the power of the vast archipelago’s scores of volcanoes. Made up of thousands of islands stretching… Continue reading

INDOWATER 2015 in Jakarta

The 11th Indonesia’s No.1 Water, Wastewater and Recycling Technology Event The world of water and wastewater management will converge in Jakarta for the 11th INDOWATER 2015, the biggest Expo & Forum for the… Continue reading

Making big blue babies in Indonesia

 Scientists have answered a mystery of where some of Australia’s biggest whales go to calve, and it turns out the progeny are Indonesian. The 24-metre giants known as pygmy blue whales, which spend… Continue reading

New study shows Indonesia’s forests have shrunk much faster than thought

Satellite images have found that Indonesia’s ancient forests, a cradle of biodiversity and a buffer against climate change, have shrunk much faster than thought, scientists said on Sunday. Between 2000 and 2012, Indonesia… Continue reading

The Silent Epidemic

For an idea of how far Indonesia has to go in making its roads safe, check out this presentation by Eric Howard. There’s lots he doesn’t mention — the political incentives to finance… Continue reading

Wakatobi Flowerpecker

  A new species of a tiny, colourful bird has been found by Irish scientists in a small under-explored island chain in the tropics. Zoologists from Trinity College Dublin named the new find… Continue reading