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Noodles in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is looking into a possibility of building an instant noodles plant, reports. “We are interested in implementing joint highly-tech investment projects. Indonesia is a leader in production of instant noodles. It… Continue reading

Indonesian beef: made in Australia

The Indonesian government has approved a plan to buy a million hectares of Australian farmland to breed its own cattle. Beef prices in Indonesia have hit record prices over the past year as… Continue reading

A healthy partnership

The KeBAL street food concept is an innovative way of reaching young children with affordable and aspirational nutritious meals that help reduce malnutrition. Operating in urban Jakarta, the program is piloting its business… Continue reading

Bird flu kills 300,000 ducks amid fear of more human fatalities

Indonesia has identified the bird flu virus that killed hundreds of thousands of ducks in recent weeks as a more virulent type which is new to the country, according to a letter seen… Continue reading

The Face of Childhood Nutrition in Eastern Indonesia

Recently, I read yet another article in the Indonesian press about child malnutrition. Or rather, it was less an article about malnutrition per se and more a presentation of the standard format: a… Continue reading

Indonesia farmers go green with charcoal

Farmers in Indonesia are using a new method to fight the effects of climate change, and also improve their harvest. This new method, which should more than double their production, uses charcoal –… Continue reading

Indonesia Eats

Indonesia Eats is written and photographed by Pepy Nasution; an Indonesian-born Winnipeg (Canada)-based food photographer. A collection of Indonesian and Asian recipes with style, eye-catching photographs and personal stories about cooking Indonesian and… Continue reading