No Safety for Women in Jakarta’s Public Transport

Plenty of women work and take public transport in Jakarta. Statistically, much of violence towards women happen in the domestic sphere, but apparently many cases also occur in the public sphere. Hundreds are… Continue reading

Six minutes to Die

According to most recent reports, Bali Nine convicts may take a while to die during their execution. The last time Indonesian firing squads executed drug offenders, they took at least six minutes to… Continue reading

Redemption Times

We are ‘Youth Against the Death Penalty’! help us tell President Jokowi of Indonesia ( @jokowi_do2 ) the death penalty is not the solution! Rehabilitation and compassion are what is needed to fix… Continue reading

Jokowi: one thumb up, one thumb down

Indonesia has delayed the execution of two Australian drug smugglers by up to a month, backtracking on an earlier pledge to put the pair before the firing squad by the end of February.… Continue reading

Wee wee quarantine on Valentine

Dozens of Indonesian couples suspected of doing “the nasty thing” have been detained in Valentine’s Day raids in several major Indonesian cities. Uptight authorities, concerned about residents’ morality, staged raids in Surabaya, Pontianak and Malang on Saturday, barging in… Continue reading

The Act of Joko

There are signs of increasing discomfort about the current wave of executions in Indonesia. Quite apart from the lack of any credible evidence that the death penalty has any impact on crime rates… Continue reading

Australians threaten to smoke pot at home this summer

Australian travellers could boycott Indonesia if Jakarta executes two drug smugglers on death row, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said yesterday as she refused to rule out withdrawing diplomats. Bishop had pleaded for the… Continue reading

Bali Baba

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group is keen to expand beyond its home market, and now it has set its sights on Indonesia. The company announced today that AliExpress, one of its e-commerce sites,… Continue reading

When Papua’s misery does not match Java’s living standards

Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources has lectured the mining giant PT Freeport Indonesian on how it should view the remote province of Papua. The company has been under pressure to build… Continue reading


A popular Indonesian Muslim cleric has issued a fatwa against taking selfies leading to a series of defiant selfies shared by scores of locals. Felix Siauw, a locally well-known author and speaker, has… Continue reading

Journalist murdered in Sumatra

A newspaper editor on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island was shot dead by an unknown assailant, local media reported on Tuesday. Benny Faisal, chief editor of the weekly Fokus Lampung, was killed late on Sunday… Continue reading

Burn crystal burn

Handcuffed and wearing black masks, a Hong Kong man accused of being a drug lord and his gang were Tuesday forced to publicly burn a US$136-million (S$170 million) stash of crystal methamphetamine after… Continue reading